Great treasures:These 5 tombs were never allowed to open!

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Some ancient tombs have long been opened and robbed, but some are still sealed today.

Dead people do not talk about stories, old saying, but what can their graves discover? Tombs and cemeteries hide answers to many questions, but none of these 5 tombs have ever opened or investigated.

An Egyptian Temple in London

Numerous legends and rumors overwhelm the famous Egyptiologist Jozef Bonomija, but one has been attracting attention for a number of years. It is rumored that during one of his many visits to Egyptian pyramids, he discovered the secret of traveling through time.
Before he died in 1878, he transferred this knowledge to his secret sponsor, Hannah Kurtoy. Another rumor is that Bonomy has shared the mysterious Egyptian secrets of war with Samuel Alfred Varner, an expert in naval arms.

Varner claimed that he had invented an invisible cannon grenade and was buried at Brompton Cemetery, along with Kurtoykov. It is assumed that Bonomy designed a really interesting tomb for her and Varner at the London cemetery. The key from the tomb has long since disappeared, adding to the rumors that the tomb is actually a time machine, at least the author of the Jutjub Channel Dark5 claims.

  1. Treasure goods B

Temple Padmanabaswami in India is often mentioned in sacred texts such as the "Golden Temple". A treasure, like a gold and diamond pretense, suggests that even greater treasures are hidden in secret chambers. Dragons engraved in the door of the Nilavara, or Treasury B, warn of the many horrors and dangers awaiting all the burglars.

Hindu astrologers said the entrance was strictly forbidden, and the highest Indian courts also defended entry. Estimates from the late 1880s say that a treasure worth over a billion dollars is waiting behind these doors.

  1. Pharaoh's Secret

Some believe that opening the tomb of King Tutankhamun in 1922 opened the door to the ancient Pharaoh's curse. Archaeologists are now cautiously entering some of the secret rooms discovered for almost a century and in 2015 cracks were discovered that lead into caves behind the west and north wall of Tutankhamun's tomb.

  1. Immortality from the underworld

The last resting place of the Chinese Emperor Kin Shi Huang is still sealed because archaeologists are afraid of some deadly traps as they automatically interrupted.


Even greater fears in the bones are rumored that the tomb is filled with algae streams that simulate the surroundings of the tomb. All the builders of the tombs have been trapped in order to keep the secrets of the building out of the public. It is assumed that the tomb covers the greatest treasures of ancient China, as well as the results of the imperial quest for immortality.

  1. Mystery of the Aztec

The ancient city of Teotihuacan hides numerous secrets, and it is not known who built it before the Asteces discovered it. It is not known why the statues and buildings along the Avenue of the Dead were deliberately destroyed. Archaeologists are just now approaching the answer to the question of where former rulers have disappeared.

Recently, two sealed doors in the tunnel were discovered beneath the ceremonial platform at the Great Temple complex. Surrounded by the costumes of ritual-sacrificed children, it is suspected that the cremated remains of Montezuma are hidden behind the door.

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