Trestolone acetate or MENT is considered a very powerful steroid, surpassing even testosterone in its strength. Its main function is to replace androgens, but it is now widely used and has many medicinal properties. In medicine, it is used in contraception, treatment of prostate cancer, alopecia. It also has beneficial effects in sports, strength training and bodybuilding, where its properties lead to quick and effective results. Anyone who is serious about increasing their strength and muscle mass in a relatively short time should have this drug in mind.

Trestolone Acelate has fewer side effects such as aggression, hyperactivity, anxiety or anger. However, this does not mean that Trestolone has no side effects – these include, among other things, higher aromatization than testosterone and nandrolone. Some may experience alopecia and water retention as well. Athletes may also experience sleep problems, excessive irritability, mood swings, excessive sweating, or a dry throat. Therefore, you need to be especially careful with the doses taken and strictly avoid an overdose.

How does it work?

Trestolone acetate is an anabolic steroid whose task is to stimulate the growth of protein synthesis and, as a result, increase muscle mass. Its use makes the growth of muscle mass faster and more efficient. The androgenic nature of this drug is also important, which has a positive effect on the production of male sex hormones. The drug does not show a tendency to interact with globulin so that most of it remains unbound and active in the blood.

Who Can Use Trestolone Acetate?

  1. The drug is recommended for people who are focused on significant effects and rapid weight gain.
  2. All competitive sports, deadlifts or strength training, are a great foundation for working with Trestolone.
  3. It stimulates, increases the readiness for action and increases physical effort.

Trestolone acetate comes in many different forms. It comes in the form of tablets for oral use, as well as in the form of injections injected under the skin. It is believed that the daily allowable dose of the drug is 100 mg, with one tablet containing 50 mg of the drug. Beginners are advised to take smaller doses of the substance to help alleviate potential side effects. Doses should be increased gradually, observing the effect of the drug on our body. If there are no alarming symptoms, you can safely increase the dosage to two tablets – 100 mg – per day. It is best used when fast and large weight gain is needed.


Trestolone Acetate is a drug that can be used in medicine as well as in competitive sports and bodybuilding. In the first area, it is used to treat diseases related to the prostate gland, as well as in the case of contraceptive therapy or even the treatment of baldness. It is also ideal for healing and restoring bone mass. In bodybuilding and sports, it is for those who are fully committed to building and improving their body shape. Its use is one of many, but the most effective ways to build a lean and muscular figure with a minimum amount of fatty tissue The use of the drug does not negatively affect either the quality or the amount of muscle mass. This medication should be used with any testosterone ester. It gives impressive results that are visible within three months after you start using it. During this time, your weight can increase up to 20 kg. However, you must remember that the training of the muscle groups that we want to develop while using Trestolon must be extremely intense and increased.

Like any anabolic steroid drug, Trestolone Acetate can cause unwanted side effects. Given its above-average efficacy, you should be especially careful and fear overdose.