In the life of any active player in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, sooner or later, there comes a time when the basics have been learned, the mechanics of most maps, modes and weapons have been studied, and it’s time for competitive rank matches. Congratulations, you have been sucked into the world of eSports! Who knows, maybe in a couple of years the whole world will talk about your team during the final of one of the major championships like The World Championships and Dreamhack. You can also get some additional options at the website

CS:GO streams

However, the rules of the game in major leagues are noticeably different from the amateur level. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to look behind the scenes of professional eSports today – modern Internet technologies allow you to watch live broadcasts and play on almost any device with the Internet, and you can cheer for your favorite team without leaving your home. But broadcasts of star matches can be not only spectacular, but also useful – they can clearly learn many tricks and features, but not to mention tactics. That’s why in this article we will tell you exactly what you should pay attention to.

If we are talking about championships, you should listen carefully to the commentators first of all. Usually they are former (or even active) e-Athletes themselves, so they know the game as if it were their five fingers. Of course, not all commentators are equally useful, but the best of the best are usually called for big competitions. A professional “voiceover” knows how to explain exactly what happens on the screen every second, why it happens and why. And it is understandable even for those who have not yet participated in the championships and are just beginning their eSports journey.

A good commentator is also necessary because during broadcasts the camera usually switches between different players all the time, so it is often very difficult to understand what is happening on the screen and in the whole match. Pay attention to what tactics the teams choose in certain situations, what weapons they buy and what positions the players occupy on the map. This will help to improve not only the personal, but also the team level.

Yes, beautiful headshots and shootings are sometimes fascinating, but in most cases, much more important is what happened a few seconds before: pay attention when the participants are the first to enter the battle, and when they play from the defense. Catching the right moment to storm, assessing the characteristics of your own and the enemy’s weapons and all the risks is a very important skill that should be practiced before automation.

At first, it is much more useful to watch or replays on behalf of one player without switching the camera. So you can see with your own eyes, for example, what kind of weapon he buys according to the situation, where and how he throws grenades, what exits and points he constantly keeps under his sights, how he interacts with his teammates, and so on. It is possible that this way you can “look” a lot of interesting tricks. If your friends also play CS:GO, you can follow their matches in real time. With one of the updates in the game appeared observer mode, allowing you to directly connect to the game. It will be useful to follow and teammates, because it often happens that some errors are better visible from the outside.

And, in general, just try to note all the little things in the broadcasts, especially those that seem incomprehensible now. This will allow you to learn in the future about many complex tactics and features that you would just never come across during a regular amateur match. On the CSGO NET website you can find everything you need.