Discover The Enchantment That Makes Up Texas 🐏

4 months ago
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They say that in Texas everything is larger be it the hats, the trucks, the portion sizes, the lovely terrain, or the roads. A Texan experience is something that you should definitely fit into your bucket list. Texas has plenty of attractions and spots that will keep you interested for the longest time.

You cannot visit Texas without floating down one of the massive rivers with the gorgeous Texan sky ahead for your viewing pleasure. The Guadalupe is awesome for people looking for an active party scene. The Brazos offers breathtaking scenery while the Comal has an urban vibe to it. Head over to Schlitterbahn Water Park and find out why it is the most favored in Texas. It has 4 locations namely South Padre, New Braunfels, Galveston, and Corpus Christi. Texas is the second-largest dome made of granite in the state and it is one of the best places to look at the bright, big Texas sky.

When it comes to food, a Texas barbeque should not miss on your list. Luckily, you can experience the local cuisine first hand at joints like Cattleman’s Steakhouse and Franklin Barbeque for the best steak you have ever had.

Written by jtthefoodie
Photos are from free open source - Pixabay


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definitely hope to be able to check it out soon :D

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interesting post.
that Schlitterbahn Water Park looks very tempting.
a Texas barbeque would be definitely on the list :D

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