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Yolandi, such a passionate soul. Your presence on a post or in a chatroom sways the energy to your favor. You have a unique way with words and we all look forward to your opinions. They matter. Believe that. Not many people can be as truthful and sincere as you are. That's what allows you to command respect! Here's some of her posts from this past week to illustrate just that.

Working Within a Broken SocietyDon't Push Your Agenda

Hopey Changey RearrangeyOde to Strong Women

We Love You @battleaxe

You are astute in your stances, be they political, business, or personal. Love when you come bringing down the hammer...er...battleaxe. May this serve as a warning to others. She won't take your shit. You would be advised to just save face and turn the other way. On behalf of the entire alliance family, I say thank you for being YOU and we love you @battleaxe!

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