7 Sophisticated Technology in the Year 2017 That Will More "Spoil" Man

3 months ago
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Inilah teknologi terbaru yang akan mendarat di tahun 2017!

  1. AI and advanced machine learning

Advanced technology in the year 2017 the first is AI and advanced machine learning, this technology is actually not a recent invention, but the development of the previous technology. Technology that can be applied in self-contained vehicles, robots, consumer electronics, visual personal assistants, and smart advisors.

The technology is a development of the previous device that is AI (Artifficial Intelligent), which then called machine learning. This technology will make devices and technology programs more sophisticated, such as being able to learn, understand, adapt and allegedly can operate independently. This discovery is certainly very meaningful, especially in the world of robotics, and did not rule out this machine learning is the seed of robots that can communicate and coexist with humans like in the movies.

  1. Digital twin

Digital twin is the latest invention in the field of digital technology, with digital twin software will look more dynamic in terms of physical and system. The latest twin systems technology work system is relying on sensor-supplied data to respond to changes, understand circumstances, and improve performance. This system is allegedly going to replace traditional human resources and monitoring skills in terms of service planning, and improve plant operation equipment.


  1. Intelligent things

Intelligent things is the latest technology that will help human beings in doing some things, especially in terms of driving, because this technology can predict if the distance of your vehicle with surrounding objects too close. Intelligent things using AI and Machine Learning in predicting other objects, Intelligent things can also be installed in drones and smart appliances.


  1. VR and AR Technology

Technology that will be updated and will be more popular is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Actually these two technologies have been there in recent years, but until now these two technologies are still in the process of development, in the year 2017 both experienced some improvement. According to Gartner, the development of these two technologies will continue to improve until the stage of refinement, which is predicted to occur in 2021.


  1. Intelligent apps

Another technology that uses AI and will be present this year is the Intelligent apps, one example of the use of intelligent pass is the use of virtual asissten that will make human life easier, this technology is able to help the daily work of human


  1. Aeromobil flying car

Advanced technology in the next 2017 is a flying car or aeromobil. Aeromobiles are a blend of airplanes with cars, so it works almost identical to amphibious tanks that can be on land and at sea. But for aeromobiles can be on land and in the air, this fusion of cars and aircraft is giving birth to a car with a luxurious look and functions that can be taken anywhere without having to fear stuck in traffic.


According to CEO of aeromobil, Juraj Vaculik, it said to move quickly in producing and marketing the innovation. In a Jurac interview with CNBC reporters, he said if in 2017 this aeromobilnya company certainly be able to air and ready to be marketed.

The combination of cars and airplanes also provides an exciting combination of advanced technology in cars and planes, equipped with aviation systems and auto pilot vehicles of this future will be excellent. In addition, the aeromobiles are also equipped with shock absorbers to take off and land on rough terrain.

  1. Autonomous car or car without driver

A car without a previous driver has been produced in 2016, but it is still in trial stage and produced in limited quantities. According to the Boston Consuling Group, autonomous or non-driver car technology will begin mushrooming in 2017 and will fill the entire city trip by 2040.


The future of humans sounds easier instead, if we are still living in 2040 then it is possible to ride our car alone while left to sleep, because the car was able to walk itself automatically. In addition, our future also no longer need to use the SIM as a condition of driving.

That's the 7 advanced technology in the year 2017 that will make the human work more helpful and increasingly light. Because the essence of science and technology is to facilitate human life and be beneficial to humans. Not to destroy the world order and not to be used as a human killer.

What do you think?


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  ·  3 months ago

Technology is really good when we have it preserving the environment as well as making life easy. Sometimes, it can be a good servant than a bad master.
In Ghana, Kantanka is a brand in technological innovations. The star of africa. He invented a Television that could be switched on by clapping the hands.

  ·  3 months ago

Yes.. everything will feel better and easier to do something :)

  ·  3 months ago

What do you think? I think it's still dreamer