Free app that helps different dishes by viewing refrigerator equipment

3 months ago
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Las Vegas: In most of Pakistan's homes, the same question applies in the morning what to cook? Now this solution has been presented in an app that can be downloaded for free.

This app name is Emily 2.0 that checks its database by viewing refrigerator goods and provides instant and best dishes and foods with these ingredients. Opening the bus app, you need to scan the food items from the camera, the rest works. The app gives its best advice on diet and care.

This app also describes its step-by-step if you do not have to cook. In addition, it can heat oven beforehand and also informs you when you prepare food. This app is manufactured by the World-based home appliance company, which works with its equipment, but it is not necessary to cook it in the company's ovens when consulting food.
You can download this app on any Android phone by consulting the items in the kitchen or refrigerator and making delicious food. The app recognizes them by watching different kitchen accessories and advises them to eat food. What you like now can cook and also provide an app for recycling and making it.

The app also shows diet nutritional information that appears in a circle between the screen. The app recognizes food items under natural gender processing.

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