# CES2018: HP introduces 1080p resolution monitors with AMD FreeSync technology by ROBERTO SOLÉ

3 months ago
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HP has presented at CES 2018 new monitors, which are characterized by having a 1080p resolution, combined with AMD FreeSync technology, so they are an ideal solution for gaming.

Normally the high-end monitors with 4K resolutions, implement the AMD FreeSync or NVIDIA G-Sync technologies, according to the needs. The AMD is free software, the AMD has an extra cost, because it is through hardware. The strange thing is that a monitor with a fairly normal resolution, such as 1080p resolution, has FreeSync, as with the new HP monitor, which has been shown at CES 2018 and which shows a very interesting product that has a starting price of $ 99.

During CES 2018, HP has introduced the new monitors of the F series, which have been developed with gaming in mind and will come in sizes of 22, 23, 24, 25, 27 inches, which will support a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. These monitors are characterized by having an IPS panel and also, have FreeSync technology, as we have highlighted. The company has played a very interesting card, since it allows the average user to have a monitor that is 'synchronized' with the graphics card, provided that it is AMD, but it can also be used with an NVIDIA graphic, but without being able to use FreeSync, of course .

The economic monitors usually mount an IPS panel, because they are very cheap and can cover 72% of the NTSC spectrum, which is fine for a mid-range monitor. At the same time this monitor has a response time of 5ms and allows a maximum refresh rate of 75Hz, which while it may seem modest, for an average user who is fond of gaming, is more than enough. Regarding the maximum brightness, this is 300nits.

Finally, we have to say that this monitor is adjustable, since it allows adjusting with angles ranging from -5º to 25º. As video connectors, it has an HDMI and a VGA, more than enough for any situation. These monitors range from $ 99 to $ 230, logically, depending on the size.

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