teamIndia - meeting 1.0 (December 16th 2017, 12 PM)

4 months ago
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Dear all,

TeamIndia a loosely coupled collective of people of Indian origin and people interested in India and more. Right now we have a discord server (here)( & we are planning to have a meeting to take this forward.

I am quoting @steemflow below:

To promote Indian community in steemit platform, we need to have mutual co-operation of each other. Other countries TeamUSA, Philipines etc are doing their best as a community and helping each other to grow. Team India have decided to make a mark on steemit by making cohesive Indian Community through this channel.

We are setting up a meeting time at 12 00PM IST tomorrow (Saturday). Please make sure to be online on time. For our Overseas member we will plan a separate time.

In the meantime, request you all to pull maximum user on this platform by sharing below discord link.

Please do not forget to miss the time.
Need to Engage , Need to Promote!

@steemflow (TeamIndia)(

Rough Agenda

We need to also have a agenda for the meeting ...

  1. Let’s skip personal intros as that’s going to take a lot of time

  2. Growth - more users is main item

  1. Content creators can be invited - say musicians, artists, photographers this help us showcase our culture, art and values to the rest of the world

  2. We need to have regional volunteers and activities in all the major cities. This is to build the momentum

  3. Voters guild - a muutually beneficial mechanism for everyone. We can adopt the model from PAL

  4. Technical volunteers for the bot etc

  5. We need a rough code of conduct - in general no politics, religion, cast , separatism etc cannot be allowed. We need to be a peaceful collaborative community working towards common prosperity

  6. Actually i want that all Indian should have single channel in discord @face2face
    A rough plan is above ... ideas welcome

PS: any revenue from this post will be donated towards this initiative.

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  ·  4 months ago

TeamIndia collective had its first meeting today. We had a very fruitful discussion and we all are aligned and pumped up on the following aspects.

I must add the fact that, I am genuinely surprised that all of us were able to be on the same page even without knowing or seeing any of us before!

So Summary is

  1. We are all here for the same purpose, same vision - we are looking to spread the goodness available via this platform. And if possible create a PAL like model for people from Indian subcontinent and people interested in India and its culture

  2. We are all in for bringing in people from various walks of life - lets invite as many people into STEEM and to TeamIndia

  3. We need to have curation - various subjects / topics. need more discussion

  4. Delegation of SP needs to be done to incentivize and retain users

  5. Reach out to @firepower & other community leaders for support and involve them for growth

Along with our friends and relatives, we also need to invite content creators/artists.

  1. Photographers
  2. Artists
  3. Writers / Journalists
  4. Musicians along with normal people like most of us will help to make this place better

we can share our culture and get more attention from the international community

  ·  4 months ago

good feedback. better to have meetings as early as possible again may be in a week or 10 days. review of what decisions made and steps initiated will help us to drive towards goal. good luck. like to see TEAMINDIA grow fast.

  ·  4 months ago

Good initiative. Thanks for summarizing and sharing in a post. I couldn't attend the discord meeting yesterday due to my presentation at a Blockchain meetup at Bangalore[you know that already :) ]

Presentation at Blockchain meetup went really well, audience were very much interested, many questions were asked, had a great time there. I'll do a detailed post on it later.

  ·  4 months ago

Thats great move...need to unite to grow! Every effor will counts

  ·  4 months ago

Hey, sorry ... totally missed the meeting.... but I am very much IN to collaborate, following that we design a system will help everyone to grow...