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In the old days it was easy. Everything was about stacking BITCOIN.

Not any more.

The monster gains are to be had in ICO's and that means the ICO coins are going to rise and rise the way ETH did this year.

So, as part of our ongoing strategy we have to prioritise accumulation of the key ICO players:

ETH, NEO, DRGN, STRAT (yes, STRAT) but primarily ETH and NEO. Always have these on hand and use ICO's as way to level up your stack.

Kucoin has NEO pairs and this makes it straightforward to supercharge your holdings through hot ICOs (see DBC for instance).

We are going to see very high prices for NEO in the mid term so acquiring now is to be recommended. It might look expensive but would you buy ETH at $100 now if you could?

I call this BASECOIN STRATEGY. And it means thinking of your basecoins as transactional entities, like FIAT, and less like investments. If they go up in value, great, but they're unlikely to go down in value. Stack stack away.

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  ·  3 months ago

There has been a big drop in the last 24 hours. Even the lowest levels are shun. In a short time the ascension will be night. It must be entirely speculation. Would it be right to wait for reception?