Some people do not have fingerprints

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The ridges found on our fingertips are very specific, also called fingerprint. Over the years, they have been used by the security agencies to identify the individual. These marks prove very helpful for the Forcesink Department. This helps in identifying the culprit. Nowadays, fingerprint data is also used as a password and smart card. For example, identity cards such as Aadhar card, passport, and driving license are added to the information of fingerprint nowadays. But you will be surprised to know that these ridges are not created at the fingers of some people.

Although such people are very rare Such people are born without birth fingerprint. There are no ridges on their finger. Genetic mutation has been attributed to this strange problem. Such people often face problems with their fingerprinted fingers on the immigration counter at the airport while traveling on air. Dermatologist is called adermatoglifia in technical language.

In 2007, such a Swiss woman was stopped at the American airport. After that the woman had contacted her dermatologist Peter Eiteen. Itin studied this subject with his Israeli friend Dermatologist. The study showed that there was a lack of a special protein membrane 1 in the female DNA. This protein is not fully developed due to mutation. This is why the fingerprint does not develop. However, the dermatologists are not completely satisfied that these proteins are the main reason for this problem.

Fingerprint development takes place within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. Every person is born with a fantastic fingerprint set. These unique ridges are found on the fingers along with the fingers and palms of the feet. So if someone tries to erase them with their fingers, then they can not hide their identity. John Dillinger, a notorious criminal, tried this unsuccessful attempt. People with adermatogliaepia do not notice any other symptoms. Although there is a lack of sweat glands in them. Researchers are constantly engaged in trying to overcome such genetic disorders.

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