Metal structures are widely used in construction and repair works. Production of such a plan quickly pays for itself, which is important for investors. Moreover, the purchase of this equipment is a guarantee of decent income. To buy Stangroup company profile bending equipment is to invest in a stable business.

Production bending machines: what are they?

According to its form, this machine is an elongated machine. It contains many rotating shafts, with several rolls on each of them. Each sheet of metal passes through several so-called stands. The height of the profile is changed gradually, a little at a time each time. In theory any profile can be produced at the end. However, practice dictates its own terms – each material has its own yield strength.

The developers have provided that one machine can be used to process sheets of different thicknesses and material. However, there are limitations. The machine includes, in addition to workers, and auxiliary rolls. Their task is to hold the workpiece in the right position to ensure a given accuracy of processing. In contrast to other types of equipment, profile bending requires considerable effort: a person simply cannot bend thick steel sheets. Due to the use of a control system, the production capacity increases, and a minimum of scrap is guaranteed. The production machines will ensure uninterrupted production.

Machine tools for production – Business of the future

The businessmen are sure that the production of metal profiles is profitable. After all, these days such profile is widely used, in addition to the installation of suspended ceilings, as well as alignment of walls, also for:

  • cladding the walls of the building with clapboard;
  • cladding the house vinyl siding;
  • installation of arches, decorative elements of interior, window jambs.

Machines for facade production

Machines for the production of facades give the opportunity to produce faces of the facade of the building from a variety of materials of different levels of complexity. This production line for the manufacture of siding and battens manufactured by specialized companies. The line includes not only equipment for the production of metal siding of various types and designs, but also for the production of corrugated boards. The main advantages of the machines are:

  1. production of parts of any level of complexity;
  2. excellent speed and ultimate accuracy of production;
  3. full automation of such equipment, such as, for example, a machine for the production of metal wainscoting, profiled sheeting, and so on;
  4. the possibility, if necessary, to optimize the installation for their own needs;
  5. you can run the unit for the production of both single and multiple identical parts.

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