Stephen Hawking's Fierce 5 Predictions

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Stephen Hawking

Famous physicist Stephen Hawking has predicted some of the terrible things about how human civilization will face destruction.

From artificial intelligence to nuclear war, many issues have created the risk of human civilization. He should be careful about the prophecies he has made about some of these issues.

Cambridge News has made a list of the top 5 predictions for Hawking. Find out his 5 predictions:

The earth will be destroyed into fire ball
Earth may turn into a ball of fire

Hawking said in his view of the possible causes of the destruction of the earth, 'We will all die in less than 600 years. Because, people will grow on earth and the amount of energy we need, in which the whole world will burns become red. '

That is, the earth will turn into pale of fire. He gave this theory to the Tencent Summit in Beijing last November. Scientists from different countries of the world presented their findings in that conference. Hawking said that by the year 2600, the shoulder with shoulders of the people of the world.

The electricity that they need, the world will become red.

To protect the world, we have to take ideas from the American TV series 'Star Trek'. Wherever no one has ever been able to find a place quickly or in a different way, and to develop the communication technology at the speed of light.

Robots will occupy the world
Artificial intelligent robot

The Terminator 'movie must have seen? This year, Professor Hawking said that the artificial intelligent will overcome the people-that is the danger.

In an interview with Wired magazine, Hawking said, "We should keep on moving forward in the development of artificial intelligence, so keep in mind that they are dangerous."

He also said, 'I am scared that they really will give up the people. If people can create a computer virus, someone will create artificial intelligence that will remove them. It will be another form of life and will be able to overtake people from intellectual perspective.'

Earth will be destroyed by nuclear bombs and human aggression
The threat of atomic war is being created

At present, many countries in the world have nuclear weapons. War may be fixed at any time. In an interview given to the BBC on the 75th birthday, he said that greed and aggression were created within the people.

There is no sign of collision. Arms and warfare can cause massive damage to the earth. To see the dream of sustaining human civilization, you have to set up an independent colony in space.

The other planet will have to find places fast
Stephen Hawking urged for rapid technology innovation for living in another planet.

In order to prevent the extinction of humans in the world, they have to look for technology capability. Especially in the environment for creating other living conditions and developing technical systems. Otherwise, people will become extinct in climate change, more population and epidemic.

Stephen Hawking was a critic of Donald Trump

Stephen Hawking was a critical critic of the President of the United States. When the trump was inadequate to sign the climate change agreement in Paris, the most vocal was Hawking.

At the conference, the importance of the risks of climate change in the world. In July, Hawking told BBC, ' The decision to move the trump to the climate agreement will push the world to the edge of destruction.'

He warned, ''Earth will become like Venus due to climate change, Where the temperature reaches 250 degrees, the sulfur will rain. One of the biggest dangers in our face is climate change. We can prevent this danger if we take action. '

Criticizing the trump, Hawking said: ' Moving away from the climate deal, Trump is harming the environment of our beautiful world, Our and children are facing the destruction of the natural environment. '

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