Matches in Overwatch follow standard and time-tested schemes: point capture, cargo promotion, a hybrid of the previous two and the battle for control of one point. Each mode is represented by three maps so far, which is quite a bit, but there is no doubt that over time the number of arenas will grow several times. The example of Team Fortress 2, which started with six maps and grew to a completely obscene scale, says in favor of this. However, even the existing dozen will not get bored. Every match in this kind of games is a “sandbox”, the behavior of opponents and allies, controlled by other people, is unpredictable, and the same fights do not happen here. If you want to start playing, you should first go to

Characters in Overwatch

In many ways, it is worth being thankful for this and a wide range of characters, allowing you to experiment with their different combinations and compositions. There is no universal recipe for victory, and you can always throw away something like this, unexpected even for yourself. And, which is especially surprising, for each character it is intuitive and pleasant to play. Even if you don’t have eSports reflexes, which makes no sense in TF2 to choose a scout and sniper. In Overwatch, when playing for their analogues, you still feel confident and can bring much benefit to the team.

It is also important that it is almost always possible to turn the course of the match, changing the hero to someone who can better cope with a specific set of opponents. And, of course, in such an extensive set of heroes, each of which has a unique style of play, there is sure to be someone to your liking. And they are well balanced; the only thing you can complain about is the inevitable difference in the skill ceilings when playing for each character.

The fundamental difference between Overwatch and Team Fortress 2 is the emphasis on the skills of the characters. In TF2, the choice of weapons and the number of rounds were important; in Overwatch, everyone has endless ammunition, but the shots themselves are usually not the main thing. The main thing is skills. The number of their use is also unlimited, but everyone has a rollback: the ability was used too early – and at the right moment it will be unavailable. The most important thing in Overwatch is to understand when it is better to activate this or that ability and what you should save for later. And the king of everything is “absolute abilities”. They accumulate for a long time – with time or hits on enemies – and each of them is able to turn the course of the match.

What makes Overwatch so attractive and different from other shooters?

Definitely the most important role, as in the case of TF2, was played by the excellent art design and bright characters, revealing themselves in cartoons and comics. Availability and branded attention to detail, a minimalistic user-friendly interface with the ability to customize everything, and the fact that matches are short enough, so defeats can quickly be replaced by victories, helped the game. It’s a pleasure to play in Overwatch; the user experience here is great.

Overwatch also makes a great impression due to the fact that it rewards the player for everything he does. The game celebrates all kinds of triple kills, all series of kills and all useful actions – encouraging them both with medals in statistics and a “flaming” portrait, showing that the player is “on strike”. Any contribution to the victory over each opponent is considered, even if you knock down 1 HP – you helped, which means it should be noted. Even the defeated players can get the best moment of the match and be mentioned in the list of top players. You can find everything you need to start the game here