About Us

Offscreen is a high-quality, independent print magazine with an in-depth look at the life and work of people that use the internet to be creative and build successful businesses. Explore what’s happening behind the scenes of popular websites, apps and other tech products through thoughtful interviews and honest, first-person stories.

A Print Magazine about Pixel People

With the omnipresence of technology and the web we easily forget what goes into making our digital lifestyle possible. Offscreen is a printed magazine that celebrates the human element of innovation by examining the hard work and creative thinking that happens behind the scenes of websites, games, apps, and other tech products.

Each issue is built around six lengthy, intimate interviews with inspiring designers, developers, and entrepreneurs revealing how they overcome challenges to reach their personal goals.

Offscreen aims to give abstract products a real face by exploring the personal stories that lie behind million-dollar acquisitions, bootstrapped companies, and fun side projects. It’s a window into the lives of people that object established thinking and instead take risks to push forward to advance themselves, their company or indeed humanity through the use of technology.

Why Print-Only?

As the name suggests, Offscreen is a magazine that explores what happens off the screen — outside our digital world. We encourage you to put your iPad down, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a high-quality read the old-fashioned way. A physical product that can be touched, collected, and read anywhere is a logical way to present this type of content. Reading it offline, in a distraction-free environment, allows us to step away from the digital context and muse on the fast-paced world of bits and pixels from a more perennial angle. Offscreen is a proponent of The Slow Web, the idea that not all that is instant and fast is necessarily good for us.

A One-Man Magazine

Originally a web designer by trade, Kai Brach launched the first issue of Offscreen in early 2012. Feeling disconnected by the fast pace and the ephemeral nature of digital, after ten years of freelance work Kai wanted to create something more tangible. With Offscreen Magazine, he combines both his love for technology and the web, and the unique experience of printed magazines.

In the span of three months, Kai ‘converted’ from a UI designer to a print publisher, not only editing Offscreen but also designing the magazine from the ground up. As such, Offscreen is still a one-man operation, and a proudly authentic indie magazine supported by generous contributors and curious readers. Kai hopes to reinvigorate printed magazines as a choice of media that provides a welcome break from our always-on society.

Transparency First

Born as an experiment by an industry ‘newbie’, Kai made his entire process of creating a new indie magazine public via his blog, always putting transparency first. His behind-the-scene posts include details about his design decisions, self-distribution, working with contributors, replacing advertising with sponsors and much more. He also opened his books to the public after the first year of publishing Offscreen. Read more about Offscreen’s guiding values.