Ford unveils a new version of truck Ranger brake automatic emergency

3 months ago
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Revealed Ford unveiled a new version of the truck, the Ranger, The, before the start of the Detroit Auto Show for 2018, and Ford announces the price of the new car, however, the projections indicate that the price starts from 200 thousand dollars.

Said Vice President of Ford Hao Tai Tang in a statement: "retain truck Ranger always has a special place in the hearts of truck fans, as was the design of the new version of the Ranger project Truck of medium size, which provides more benefits and control of technology and those who blend city life, with more adventures on the weekend."

The new truck one of the two new models that Ford is preparing to introduce them to markets, which will include one of these models a "vacuum" automatic for Emergency Situations, and some techniques to help the pilot to commitment to outside traffic and at speed on rough roads.

It starts production late this year at the Manufacturers Association of Michigan at the Ford where the increased customer demand for trucks of medium size, sales rose United States by 83 percent since 2014, as it seeks a new generation of the shared trucks of medium size to get more transport operations successful and efficient in fuel consumption.

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