⚠ ❄Abnormal hole hundreds of kilometers wide opened without explanation in Antarctica❄ ⚠

3 months ago
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An ice hole several hundred kilometers wide has appeared in Antartica.

At this time, the most likely theory is that the ice hole is a polynya. The word 'polinia' comes from the Russian word "polynya" which refers to the naturally formed ice holes discovered by nineteenth-century polar explorers who used these openings to cross the areas of icy cold and the highly dangerous Arctic sea. Nowadays, the term is used to refer to an open water region that is surrounded on all sides by sea ice. Some of these polynyas may be very small while others, such as the gigantic one that just opened in Antarctica, may be inexplicably larger.

They are not uncommon in Antarctica, where they often form in coastal regions when the slightly warmer temperature of the surrounding ocean causes sections of the ice to melt and collapse suddenly. However, the huge current polynya does not fit into this typical trend, since it is deep inside the ice sheet. Therefore, it is presumed that it must have been formed by processes that are not yet understood by the scientists who study the landscape}

source: cons1040, Frente Fantasma

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