The Move : Mercury Retrograde strikes and Today's Moving Tip.

4 months ago
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Bloody Mercury Retrograde (MR). So here it is, this is why it's recommend to wait til after the MR before you buy big ticket items.

The settlement was meant to happen today, but we found out yesterday that it will happen tomorrow (Thursday). Today we find out the sellers still aren't ready, and they reckon they'll be done by Friday.

I can guide my side of the camp but I got no sway over the other side. Wish I warned them about MR though.

The movers are coming on Friday morning.

You know how hard it was to find movers available on that date? These guys are flat out and are in high demand, and there's no bloody way I'm waiting for another time slot with these guys.

Settlement or not, we are moving... I hope! Things are in motion, we need insurance and need to sign for the keys..

Believe it or not I feel like this has worked out in our best interest in the end. We had to extend our vacate date to the 29th, but now with the delay in settlement it's good to know we have a week buffer just in case.

While all that is happening, I needed to move my ass and get on with business. Ignore the crypto blood bath, the settlement delay and everything else and pack, pack, pack!

Learn from my mistakes

Don't be a hoarder!

Ladies, be honest, how many of you keep clothes for sentimental reasons? 🙌 How many keep clothes sizes too small as a "goal" piece? 🙌

I have clothes from my clubbing days. Back in my 20s, why not right? But now? Nah man.

So out they went into a box destined to Pay it Forward, along with clothes I will never wear or are too big, or anything I deemed no longer age appropriate.

Then I kept going, and going, and going... Then I went through Hubby's clothes, and added more until it became this.


This is just too big an operation for Pay it Forward. This is a Salvation Army job.

Do I feel like a wasteful first worlder?
I do. I am shocked at my excess.

I filled out a form on the Salvos website asking for a home pick up as we have a futon that they may or may not want along with these bags.

(Update on this tomorrow!)

Today's Moving Tip.

This is how I organised our clothes for the last move. It worked so well I'm doing it again.

I fold my clothes in like this.

I saw it online and thought it was pretty clever. You can see which shirt you want straight away which should save time and rummaging.


This means..

  • When the movers come all I need to do is pull the drawers out, put paper over the clothes to protect them, and then stack them in the truck.
  • Move in time means setting up the case where I want it and then sliding the drawers in.
  • We still have clothes right up to the last day and not looking around for stuff.


Is it pure laziness or is it pure genius? 🤔

Ok that's it for me. The word "buggered" just doesn't cover it. Thank God it's finally move day tomorrow.

💗 Arly

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  ·  4 months ago

Good for you! Offloading old things can be so rewarding.

  ·  4 months ago

Thank you! It totally is and I can actually move around the house so that's a huge plus for me right now.

  ·  4 months ago

It will pass soon, next would be cleaning, lots of cleaning and repairs, thats what i have been doing all week, but its truly rewarding to see how much work you put into your new home. By the way i have the same problem with clothes, i might do a garage sale next week end

  ·  4 months ago


It will pass.

That's like. You think you're tired now.... Wait til the cleaning kicks in.

Did you have to clean both houses? The sellers cleaned our house so it's move in ready, no doubt when the movers come through it will need another clean, but so checked all the cupboards and drawers and they were spotless 🙏

I'm waiting for the rewarding part lol

Do the garage sale. Get some of that cash back. 👍

  ·  4 months ago

Oh i just had them take the cleaning from our deposit on the other house, and the new house is kinda like a fixer upper, all paints were new except the garage, new floors and new laminate wood, i have been spending alot of time in my garage planning to make it a man cave, and heres an idea for you, i will use bricks for part of the soil or grass so i can have more parking, and when i plan to plant something then i will just take the bricks off

  ·  4 months ago

Pure genius!
Glad you had the opportunity to declutter. It's a great feeling. Good luck on moving day and hope there is no more delay. When you're settled it won't be Mercury Retrograde anymore, right?

  ·  4 months ago

Also..I keep 1 pair of jeans that needs to fit again soon 😂

  ·  4 months ago

That's lotttsss of clothes @bearone! Though I would say I'm guilty of the same too. Lols.

  ·  4 months ago

I'm tired just thinking about it! 😂