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Among the most common pets are the dogs. The friendship of the human with the dog is an important part of both their lives. Following is a series of data on these animals: ๐Ÿบ โบ

Dogs have accompanied the human being at least 15 thousand years ago.

2. They can recognize human emotions

A study by the University of Lincoln (United Kingdom) and the University of Sao Paulo showed that dogs can sense the mood of people

3. They understand hundreds of words

Canines are able to distinguish more than 160 words, in addition they can interpret the intonation.

4. The link between the can and the human is very strong

A study published in the journal Science - by the Department of Animal Science and Biotechnology of the Azabu University in Japan - showed that when coexistence between these two occurs, oxytocin is produced which is known as the hormone of love, which creates a connection as strong as that between parents and children.

5. The brain of dogs is bigger than that of cats ๐Ÿ‘Œ

The degree of sociability of mammals is related to the development of their brain. In the case of dogs, the size has increased with the passage of time, along with other animals such as monkeys, horses, dolphins and camels.

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ย  ยท ย 5 months ago

animals are very intelligent, more than people think, we have to be more understanding and less aggressive with them, we never know when we can be in their situation

ย  ยท ย 5 months ago

Very true!!

ย  ยท ย 4 months ago

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ย  ยท ย 4 months ago

This is my friend.

ย  ยท ย 4 months ago

What a beautiful dog!

ย  ยท ย 4 months ago

Many thousands of years have passed, a man has left the wildlife in the city. But a dog helps a person in the city. We go 10 km a day. I throw a stick or a ball. This is dog-fitness))

ย  ยท ย 4 months ago

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