Today, materials and technology allow for the installation of electrical wiring in an apartment without trying to replace the old wires. A topical issue for the old housing stock, where it is often impossible to install cable laying places.

Cost of works

If you rank the installation of electrical wiring in the apartment by the price, the minimum price will be in rooms ready for finishing. We are talking about the notional cost per running meter, it is obvious that the area will affect the final price of the turnkey. It is noteworthy that for professional companies it is enough to name the project number of the house or address, as well as the type of apartment and the meter. In a few minutes, the manager will name the approximate cost of the work, the materials are evaluated at the stage of the contract.

The cost of replacing electrical wiring in relatively new houses “standard” price does not have, except approximately. Without the departure of a specialist can not clarify anything. The old fund – a completely contractual situation, without inspection you will not even know the approximate price. According to managers, much depends on the type of gasket and the price range is very wide. In all cases, the cost of strobing is calculated separately. Please note – the cable passages through the wall must be sealed, if you do not do this, the sound insulation of the premises will be affected. And if the room has already been done finishing, the replacement of electrical wiring at a cost will be much higher, including at the expense of materials. In order to preserve the made decoration, it will be necessary to choose not straight lines.

Beauty requires sacrifice, even in finishing work

Actually, it’s just a beautiful phrase, but it has a hidden meaning – you can assess the quality of work on the principle of “like – dislike”. There are different ways to do wiring, but if the result looks beautiful, most likely, everything is done on conscience. On the other hand, when wiring is being installed, line checks are necessary, even in a small apartment. Therefore, temporary solutions such as placing automatic machines without a shield are acceptable. Sometimes it is necessary to leave some lines for some time until the owner decides on the connection points.

If this is really a temporary phenomenon, leave it out, but if the workers try to hand over the object in this form, make them redo it. Note that if you are making electrical wiring with your own hands in an apartment, there are usually much more temporary solutions. This is due to the lack of rush and the possibility to postpone something “for later”, the team does not have such a possibility. Therefore, they work quickly, sometimes disguising the defects, especially in difficult areas. There are no hired workers and they do not care about the finishing. Places for future sockets and switches can be cut by a Bulgarian to simplify further installation of underwear. A careful owner will need a precise marking of the centres and a corresponding crown.

Concealed work is about electrical wiring

Today, materials and technology have created a situation where almost all electrical wiring in an apartment, the price does not matter, is hidden. The only exception are wooden buildings and rooms with wooden roofs, but even here more and more wires are hidden in special corrugations or metal pipes. In this case, hidden wiring remains available for repair as a whole, if we consider each line separately. There are exceptions – the cable system in the floor, flooded with a screed and covered with a floor covering. Repair of such areas are difficult, the price of the question is off the charts, and most experts against such a line.
So if you need to perform wiring installation, it is better to find professional home electrical repair services. This will help you get an excellent result.