Check drops is a medication that is intended for stopping estrus in dogs. But over time, bodybuilders have discovered its powerful effects for increasing strength. Russian bodybuilder Nikolai Yasinovsky considers the Check drops to be the most effective steroid of all time.

In general, the topic of using mibolerone has not been studied, since it is a veterinary drug. Therefore, his studies in humans are lacking. It is difficult to give specific dosages and recommendations for the use of the drug. But only one thing can be said with certainty: you need to use Miboleron at your own peril and risk. Also keep in mind that steroids can be harmful to your health, so you shouldn’t use them without a doctor’s recommendation!

Some bodybuilders use this steroid in a pre-workout blend as their main goal is to increase aggression. However, you shouldn’t use mibolerone as a pre-workout drug. It can be replaced with other, safer drugs.

Who, then, should use this steroid? In the event that you want to become a champion, then the only reasonable time for you to take this drug is during the preparation cycle for the championship.

Check drops: characteristic

Mibolerone is an ultra-short ether with a half-life of 2-4 hours. Because of this feature, it is very rarely detected during doping control. Its anabolic index is 590% of testosterone, androgenic — 250%. Also, the drug is an antiestrogen.

From these qualities, it isn’t hard to presume that it should be taken with testosterones, since it is an articulated androgen. While progestogenic action doesn’t permit joining its admission with nandrolones. Viable doses of the medication start from 5 mg per day. Of course, you can adjust it for yourself, since the drug can begin to act on one athlete in 20 minutes, and on another – after 2 hours. You should not take larger doses as it can seriously harm your liver. More details here

Taking of Check Drops

The most ideal approach to take check drops is to get ready for significant competitions when the athlete intends to perform and start long post-cycle treatment after it. The measurements of the medication are 2.5-5 mg 40 hours prior to competition. You should remember that this drug has a very quick action. You may want to take another dose just before the competition starts.

If you are sure about the drug s action on your organism, you may want to take it just before the start, which will give an expansion, both in strength and help to improve your presentation. If you plan to take the drug before a performance, then during preparation you need to determine the detection time yourself by passing a doping test after taking a steroid. The bottom line is that the detection time for mibolerone is very short, but it is not known what else is contained in this or that medicine, so it is recommended to play it safe.

For women, obviously, this medication is not reasonable, since there will be a lot of serious side effects. Men should also take other steroids when taking Check Drops. Since unnecessary aggression, without the ability to realize it properly, will only lead to injury.

In any case, the duration of the course should not exceed 2 weeks, that is, the drug is connected literally before starting.

In the end

It is also worth noting that while taking check-drops, you need to train in the morning because if you take the drug in the evening, you simply will not fall asleep. By the way, insomnia is a sure sign of an overdose. To prevent the development of gynecomastia, it is recommended to take Dostinex.

Considering this and all of the above, it can be argued that Miboleron is a drug exclusively for professionals!