How To Repair Corrupted Pixels On Your LCD Monitor

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Corrupted pixels often appear on completely new screens. Once you see at least one broken pixel on your monitor, it will be a constant source of irritation whenever you use it. If you have a warranty, make sure it is valid for the number of broken pixels you are facing, but you do not have to run right into the store as they can either return you back or keep your laptop or monitor for weeks. A broken pixel can be repaired fairly simply at home, and for this you do not need to be experts.

What is a pixel?
Simply put, it is one point of the picture, which can be individually controlled. All points form the whole picture. The screen consists of a network of hundreds of pixels that are moving, for which they change colors. Each pixel consists of 3 sub-pixels, red, green, and blue. Each of them is powered by a transistor that controls the active state of the pixel.

A broken pixel is one that does not display the expected color on the screen. This means that it has or is stuck in some color, it is currently turned off or completely off, which is already a dead pixel.

In fact, the liquid crystal in the sub-pixel is sometimes not evenly distributed, which is why the pixel does not get involved at all. If all three sub-pixels are busy with the problem, then the current shutdown state occurs. In another case, the transistor may be corrupted and then the pixel is non-stop switched (burned) or off (black) and then it is a dead pixel. If you see a pixel in a different color or white, the chances of fixing it are large, but there is still little hope for a black pixel.

How to discover broken pixels?
There are several online tools to help you ...

Turn on the test for all 5 colors (green, blue, red, white and black) one after the other and see if any problems occur.

In the latest version of this tool you can do a "massage of pixels" that can fix a stuck pixel with frequent stimulation. Well, if you notice an incorrect item or region on your LCD screen, turn on the "Fix My Screen" option and allow the software to work for about an hour.

IsMyLcdOK is a portable Windows application with which you can do different pixel authentication tests, and Mac users can try Pixel Fix.

Online Monitor Test
With this tool you can test corrupted pixels, but also the quality of your monitor in general. You can use the online version or install it on the computer.

To test, select the HTML window option. You will switch to full screen with F11.

How to fix a broken pixel?
A broken pixel can only be repaired with frequent stimulation and hopefully you will be able to bring it back to life. There are two ways, the one is software, the other is manual.

If you do not have an hour to try to fix the broken pixel with the "Fix My Screen" option on LCD2, you can use UDPixel to work locally on a broken pixel using the "undead pixel" option.

And this is an online application that uses the Java applet to fix the stuck pixels.

However, the method of manual retrieval is most successfully shown.

Manual repair
If none of these tools solve your problem, there is still little hope. This is one quick technique, but you can find beautiful, more detailed instructions on both wikiHow and instructables.

Turn off the monitor
Take a damp cloth so as not to scratch the screen.
Press with the towel (you'll probably need some sharp object under the cloth) over the screen where you found the stuck pixel. Carefully, do not press around, so you can use pressure and surrounding pixels as this way you can spoil them.
While pressing, turn on the computer and the screen.
Stop applying pressure. The stuck pixel should be stuck.
If this method does not help, you will probably have to return to your dealer.

If you have had some unpleasant experience or have successfully solved a problem in one of these ways or another, write us a comment.

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