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Capture by my phone

Capture by my phone

Capture by my phone

Mr. Noodles, the product of Pran Agro Limited, has got the only halal noodles recognized in Bangladesh. Malaysia's Jakim-JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) has given Halal certificate to Halad certified by ensuring that the raw materials, production methods and cleanliness of the factory are made in Halal certification of the three things. Toshon Paul, the category manager of Pran Agro Limited, said Jakim (JAKIM) authority at Natore Pran Agro Inspecting the Factory of Limited and informing about Mr. Noodles production methods, this Halal Certificate provides. JAKIM is the Halal Certificate Provider in Food and Consumer Products administered by the Malaysian Government. MAS / RI

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