Otho.Network the widest decentralized multicurrency platform

4 months ago
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I am interested in Otho.Network and I will introduce it.

Otho.Network provides reliable mobile payment.
We will be able to pay using various Cryptocurrencies.
I know that the Cryptocurrency has value, but since the scenes actually used for payment are limited, I think that it is wonderful to easily use the Cryptocurrency for payment with this system.

Otho.Network seems to consist of roughly three.


Each seems to work as follows.

    Throughout the Otho Exchange process cryptocurrency can be exchanged with each other or fiat currency.

It seems to have a role as a bridge to OTHO HANDYWALLET which will be described later.

    Otho handyWallet is a multicurrency wallet. Otho users one and only trusted money keeper is our handyWallet.

People who are interested in Cryptocurrency often have various them. Since it requires a lot of effort to manage each, it is convenient to manage them collectively.
By using this wallet it seems that payment at the time of product purchase becomes easy.

    Otho SmartPay is applicable for any full payment system. Which allows the merchants to sell goods and services via cryptocurrencies.

In order to pay in the Cryptocurrency, store correspondence is also necessary. It is also easy for shops to introduce payment in Cryptocurrency if they are dealt with by OTHO SMARTPAY.

For details, you can see by visiting the official web page http://otho.network/.

Using Otho.Network as above will further extend the usage of Cryptocurrency. If this is realized, the value of the Cryptocurrency will further increase.
I would like to continue to watch Otho.Network activities in the future.

Otho.Network has a forum to discuss their activities.
Would you like to join in together and excite their activities?
Otho.Network Community: http://forum.otho.network/

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