She May Be Silver, But This Sable’s Going to Need Some More Polishing: Silver Sable Returns in Marvel’s Latest One-Shot, “Silver and Bold”.

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A sheen of silver wraps around the form of Miracole Burns in her cos-portrayal of Silver Sable. Source

After thirty five issues of Silver Sable & The Wild Pack, of which issue #35 was published in April of 1995, the mercenary from Symkaria returns to deal with “S.S.S” terrorists with a bent on Nazi ideology holding asylum seekers hostage.

Marvel’s latest release of Silver Sable & The Wild Pack.

Christa Faust heads the story of this one-shot, while the pencilling talents of Paulo Siqueira and Jose Luis bring Sable to life. It should be noted that the first half of the book features Siqueira’s art, while Luis finalises the book.

To be honest, after hitting the middle of the story, I was jarred by the swap in artists.

Marvel’s no longer a fledging company looking to make ends meet and needing to scrap books together using multiple artists. I’m sorry, but I do not understand why one artist cannot be commissioned to work on a single story. Is it too much to contract the work for an entire issue? It’s the equivalent of hiring new actors for all roles mid-episode in A Game of Thrones. Stupid move on this one.

My personal preference favours the art style of Siqueira. I found it difficult to put an exact reason for it until I spent some time flicking back and forth between images of comparable similarity. I’ve put it down to Siqueira’s finer detailing, most notably on all the women in this book. And let me tell you, it’s full of them. Exceptions include just two panels in the entire book and a male hostage with five words of dialogue.

There’s something sexy about a girl who just broke another girl’s neck, right?

If you’ve come off of issue #35 all those years ago and loved it, you’re probably going to love this one even more (SPOILERS AHEAD).

Cover of Silver Sable & The Wild Pack: Issue #35. Li’l Silvie isn’t worth your time reading.

It’s probably worth having a brief refresher of what happened previously. Sable went into retirement after deciding she needed to take the time to address parts of her life she had neglected until realising her father was placing her Wild Pack in unnecessary danger. Of course, Sable intervenes and just like that – she’s back! Shooting, punching and kicking ensues and Sable delivers that not-so-subtle message to readers,

Family is important. Justice is important. Truth is important, too. But it’s not quite as important as being paid to sweep the manufacture of illegal arms under the rug. Money rules, kids.

While it is technically issue #36, the storyline doesn’t marry up at all with issue #35. It’s got a splash of gore and is nowhere near as comical (is that even possible in a comic? I’m as confused now as you are). I don’t think Faust was given enough time to fully flesh this story out. Given the opportunity to turn this into a three part series, I think Faust would have given us more of a reason to invest more in the story.

The Yays!

The first half of the artwork, Sable’s close-up’s and Siqueira’s ability to capture facial subtleties. A few gory panels is welcomed in the eyes of this Walking Dead fan.

The Nays. Hrmphh.

The story needed extra pages for a better exploration of the plot to allow a greater climax. Resolution occurred far too quickly. Two artists in one issue really flips my pages. I know this phenomena is not uncommon, but seriously? Overall dialogue was limited so I read it faster than I would have liked.


If you’re looking for a comic that will entertain you for a good fifteen or twenty minutes with a fresh cup of herbal tea, there are certainly much better titles to pick up. If you’re into action, I’d recommend either Old Man Logan or Old Man Hawkeye. Visual delights on an epic scale. The other real treat for me lately has been Grass Kings. The paper is of a thicker caliper, the cover is cardstock and the inking is divine. I’ll be discussing all three in upcoming articles.

Stay tuned, my beloved Steemian!

All the best,


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