If you need to build a portfolio website but can’t stop daydreaming about unicorns, Carbonmade is a fun site builder that lets you showcase all your great work with absolutely no coding required. Any of their professional templates are great contenders for amplifying your content online, and their whimsical writing and visuals will keep things fun along the way.

To make things even easier, we’ve made connecting your Carbonmade profile to your domain name as simple as humanly possible by adding them to our Connect gallery.

Here’s what you’ll need to do within your Carbonmade account. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too difficult:

  1. Add your domain to Carbonmade
    Login to your Carbonmade account and bind your custom domain in the Carbonmade dashboard at Site Settings > Domain > Bind Existing (see how). Enter your domain name and click “Bind this domain”. Don’t click Activate just yet! Instead, come back here.
  2. Connect
    Click “Connect” below and we’ll automatically add the required DNS records (2) to connect your domain with your Carbonmade website.
  3. Activate and verify the setup
    Go back to the Carbonade page and click “Activate” to complete the setup. If everything went according to plan, Carbonade will report that your domain is verified. It may take a few hours for the DNS settings to make their way around the Internet.