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In recent months, there has been growing concern among advertisers over brand safety and a call for transparency in terms of exactly what kind of content their ads will appear next to.
This is driving a shift in thinking about digital advertising.
“There is not one definitive way to address the issues surrounding brand safety and transparency” says Simon Stone, commercial director, Collective.
Recent incidents when brands have appeared in context and next to inappropriate, distressing, damaging content has swung the pendulum back towards the research for premium placement.
Companies do not control if their advertisement will appear in a well-known premium title.
For brands that want to appear next to several premium placements in one go, there is not really a quick-and-easy way of doing so since today’s marketplace is not geared up to this way of working.
What advertisers need is something that has been talked about quite a lot before, but never fully realized – A PREMIUM DECENTRALIZED AD MARKETPLACE. As of today, several attempts to achieve this utopian ideal have failed. The establishment of clear ground rules and strict membership criteria to ensure all publishers pass the premium and transparency test were led by giant ad networks

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