📷Some colorful portraits from Steemians that are also BeScouted members. January the 21st📷

4 months ago
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BeScouted is a premier photography platform that pays members Steem rewards for their content and is still very young, but we see new talented photographers, models, makeup artists, stylists and other visual artists (we are planning to add a few new categories so your suggestions would be very helpful) joining our community every day.

If you want to see all TOP Images on BeScouted you can do this by clicking here. And each of you is welcome to join BeScouted

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BeScouted: Caro
Steemit: @carolynn

BeScouted: Martynas Nasicomy
Steemit: @nasicomy2

BeScouted: Alberta Yates
Steemit: @usefpour

BeScouted: Nancy
Steemit: @nancysteem

BeScouted: Saulius Krusna
Steemit: @sauliusk

If you are in any relation with photography, or have amazing images of your work to share, visit BeScouted and see if you like what we are doing. You can upload your photos on BeScouted and they will also appear on your Steemit blog! You can curate content there and receive all curation rewards.

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click on an image to enlarge

We are already hosting more that 11 thousand extremely talented, friendly and active community members.

If you just want to see the best photography on Steemit click on our tag and discover amazing Steemit talents.


Join us on Telegram: BeScouted


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  ·  4 months ago

Wonderful and professional work

  ·  4 months ago

ufff! I love your work

  ·  4 months ago

I'm going to join! But he received a cosplay photograph?

All the photos are beautiful, a lot of level

  ·  4 months ago

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