Life Messages..

4 months ago
48 in arab

life is too short to worry about stupid things..have fun .. fall in love ..regret nothing.. and don`t let people bring you down

The most beautiful person .. is the person you write about him all beautiful words ..and come after several years to read what you wrote to him and do not regret.. because he deserve

Be a friend of life .. and make faith a banner .. And walk freely in stability .. It is the whole story .. And smile for times always .. no matter how sweet and bitter it is .**

There are people who need their presence nearby.. we do not necessarily have to talk to them..their presence beside us only enough to remain happy .**

Smile is a lighting system for faces..Cooling system for mind..and its a warming system for heart .**

Before you judge someone..put yourself in their place because everyone simply thinks he's right .**

We always wish presence ..these people ..who when they ask about our situation and tell them "we are fine"they put their hands on our shoulders and listen to our hearts ...they whisper to us.. that we should not grieve everything at the end will be as we want and beautiful .**

life are three: 1.memories 2. pain with the first and carry the second for the third ..


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