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Albinos are individuals with a genetic disorder termed "albinism".

I don't want to bore us with too many complicated scientific terms but simply;

Albinism occurs as a result of the partial or total absence of a pigment known as melanin in a person's skin, eyes or hair.
This pigment can be said to be the skin’s sunscreen protecting it from harmful Ultraviolet rays (UVR) from the sun and it is also responsible for the various pigmentations(colours) found in our skin.

An albino is characterized by a pale/white appearance, white hair, photophobia(fear of light) and this is mainly as a result of the absence of this pigment in their skin, eyes and hair making them more susceptible to cancers and sunburns.
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Albinos are humans too!!!
Oh yes they are; they respire, they have blood running through their veins, they have feelings too just like every normal person but the only difference is the absence of this pigment in their bodies making them look different from other people.

In times past and even till date, people have regarded these albinos as outcasts, some have been used for rituals especially in the African countries, others have been ostracized and regarded as cursed by the "gods". A more recent example of such is a pregnant Malawian albino woman whose arm was cut off by a shaman probably because he wanted to use it for rituals. See story here:

As a matter of fact, I believe albinos go through a lot of pressure and self esteem issues trying to adjust to the society owing to the horrible remarks about them, how people have condemned or ridiculed them, how they've been tagged as useless to the human race as if they chose this disorder themselves forgetting or probably not aware of the fact that albinism is no respecter of persons...

Albinism is not a contagious disease neither is it a curse from the "gods" or is it a result of people's mistakes. It can affect anybody from any country or ethnic group because it is a disorder, a genetic one at that...

I believe it is only humane for us to educate the people around us about this disorder making everyone realise that being an albino isn't a curse and also for us to show our love, support and respect to albinos around us... They're human too...

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  ·  3 months ago

Great work.
It's time for my own post

  ·  3 months ago

Albino are set of people that are constantly been pressurise by their society. This has to stop they are human just like every other person.

  ·  3 months ago

Good job, i love this, i think you can join the #backtolife-project if you work harder. You cpuld show how you cared for them.