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Is albinism an acquired condition that appears after birth? Is albinism "human" and "normal" or is it an estrangement or illness that is contracted

The concise oxford dictionary characterizes Albino as a person or animal having a congenital absence of pigment in the skin and hair and the eyes which is usually pink.

United Nations reported that more than 80 albinos were killed in the year 2000 in Tanzania alone, in Mozambique speculated ritualists murder two Albino children in 2015 likewise there is a yearly report of slaughtering of Albinos in Malawi and even in Nigeria.

From my research, it exceptionally evident that life is to a great degree troublesome for albinos universally with uncommon reference to Africa. they are by and large treated severely yet in actual sense they are to be assisted, they need great help to adapt.

The persisted criticism and intra-racial skin shading segregation, that is continually meted on albinos makes them regularly unprotected against the disdain of the nearsighted and ignorant dark (or profoundly pigmented) greater part.

I ask, are they not individuals as well? Do we not share similar qualities and rights to life as the exceptionally pigmented people? Exactly how did disability end up plainly synonymous to nuisance?

Some uninformed people normally abhor albinos, and estrange them, influencing them to look less human. these category of individuals needs great treats all the more, yet they are less aided in our society, this estrangement result to them notwithstanding abhorring themselves and feeling inferior.

We should be sensitive to the Albinos around us, take care of their needs when necessary. we should become a close acquaintence with them as opposed to estranging them, we need to teach the majority of the masses that Albino is likewise a human and should be regarded and treated well.

United Nation has an awesome part to play in ceasing or diminishing the defamation that Albinos endures in Africa. UN should give them full rights as person, give them extraordinary advantages like granting them schalarship and above all their security ought to be ensured by the government.

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