Hover makes domain name & email management simple.

From our business model to our product development and customer support. Here's how we do it.

Our intentions are pure

One reason other domain name services make it so difficult to do the things you want to do is that they really want you to do more expensive things. So they litter your path with aggressive sales pitches. Our approach is different. We want you to get your tasks done quickly and easily. If you're happy with our services, we just want you to renew them. And maybe tell a few friends.

Our support team is ready and willing

We understand that there are times when you just need to talk to a human being. We have a large customer support team full of wonderful, knowledgeable, patient people that will answer your questions and solve your problems. And we don't make you click through twenty pages to get our contact information. It's right up at the top of this and every other page on our Web site.