Dec 20 2016

Wound care without amputation

Wounds caused by diabetes is a complication that occurs in people with diabetes where blood sugar levels consistently high so that obstruct the flow of blood and nerves less sensitivity to pain when injuries occur often new injuries realized by diabetics when the wound has issued a fluid / pus and occur infection.

Here are a diabetic wound care tips that can be done by the family at home :

  1. Begin with a prayer first, then wear gloves Wash the wound with soap liquid (liquid soap antiseptic preferably), the liquid to wash the wound may use warm water boiled guava leaves (5 pieces of guava leaves boiled in 1 liter of water until to 0.5 liter), the fluid has proved capable menggurangi distinctive odor in the wound and blood circulation launched. Or you can also use a liquid infusion of NaCl.
  2. Avoid washing with liquid mouth sores toxic For example H2O2
  3. Dry the wound with sterile gauze
  4. Pay attention to detail wound, wound color, size, amount of liquids, odors (If you want documented / in photograph the wound will be better again, so that the development of the wounds clearly visible)
  5. Use the wound dressing / wound topical medications in accordance with the basic color of the wound (on this topic can be viewed pd articles on modern wound dressing
  6. If there is a wound base color of black or yellow, then it is dead tissue that should be the removal of tissues dead by a nurse / doctor, or it could be by using a special drug that can dissolve the dead tissue, so it will be easy for the removal of tissue, for example: hydrogel. Luka is good is if the base color is already red sores.
  7. Close the wound using gauze / bandage modern distinguished according
  8. Plaster / plaster filsasi using a secure / hypoalergi, plaster gauze covered all parts (not just the edge of the gauze), to ensure a durable bandage and prevent dirty bandage.
  9. Wear socks that soft, comfortable and absorb sweat (especially when out of the house) to avoid dirty bandage also provide comfort to the patient.
  10. Washing hands

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