Aug 10 2017

Winners Of The Fifty Word Story Contest Week #23... 600 Trail ,90 VoiceShares and 15 SBD Won

The week #23 of the Fifty Word Story Contest have come to an end, I am proud to say that the fifty word Story contest is one of the longest running contest on Steemit

Each week continues to bring us more Amazing entries from talented steemians from all over the world, and the judging process is very hard.

Here are this week’s winners


h3>Winner One @barrister-batman

The Last Straw

A woman never has It at home”, mother taught.
She didn’t have It, when she was scolded.
She didn’t have It, when she was beaten.
She didn’t have It, when she was raped.
But when hands were lain on her child,
She found a knife.
A reason.
A voice.

Prize: 200 Trail, 30 VoiceShares and 5 SBD Won

Winner two @RachelBurger


Chapped lips mouth a litany of false apologies.
I love you.
I love you.
Cathedrals of lies, built for our passionless marriage.
I cage my voice, forgetting the sanctity of forgiveness.
Silence sinks into our bed.
He begs for release from purgatory.
I pray for the grace to leave.

200 Trail, 30 VoiceShares and 5 SBD Won

Winner Three: @enjar

Voice Of A False Echo

He screamed in anguish and terror. This reality cannot remain. That voice. No. The mad gods are punishing me. You never existed to have: a sound, a voice, a pattern, and a shape. I witness the birth of that universe, and I crushed it with my hands. You cannot exist.

200 Trail 30 VoiceShares and 5 SBD Won

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to @voiceshares for their support and the amazing work they are doing on Steemit

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