Dec 20 2016

What I Learnt Today : Tourists can buy live animals as keychains and lucky charms in China

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An amazing & also shocking information is just waiting for you. You must be astonished when you hear the truth about the components used to make some sort of keychains in China. In China some sort of keychains are made with live animals. These special keychains are made for tourists.

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Which animals are used ?

Generally small fishes or turtles are placed in a small sealed plastic keychain container.

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How long these animals live ?

The sellers claim that they keep some nutritious supplements inside the plastic containers. This nutritious supplements keep the animals alive for several weeks or months. This is 100% false. Only food makes no animal live for a long. Without fresh oxygen, water, air no animals can survive for a long. Actually, no access to air and limited space kills these animals quite quickly.

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Unfortunately, buying or selling these poor creatures as keychains is not banned in China. These activities are legal. I think it should be banned.

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