Dec 16 2016

Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy, Linked to Increased Autism Development Levels

Saw this article and wanted to briefly draw it to peoples attention. While legitimate research has yet to be done illustrating a link between other medical procedures (like vaccination) and autism, it would appear that prenatal deficiency in vitamin D does have a direct, correlated effect. In an article recently published in Molecular Psychiatry, the authors describe the correlation between vitamin D and birthing children who go on to show autistic symptoms. The study was performed with a very large sample size (>3000), consisting of multiple ethnicities.

The authors conclude:

Just as prenatal folate supplementation has reduced the incidence of spina bifida, we speculate that prenatal vitamin D supplementation may reduce the incidence of ASD.

An interesting tangential observation for this study is the previous observation between anti-depressant use in pregnant mothers and child autism symptoms (see:, perhaps there is some relationship again to a vitamin D deficiency as depressed people are more likely to stay inside, away from the sun.

For a summary of the current article on Vitamin D deficiency and Autism see:

For the original research article see:

Note the conflict of interest statement here, “The authors declare no conflict of interest.” Lends additional credibility to the work.

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