[ListenToSteem] - Real Time Transaction Visualizer

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[ListenToSteem] - Real Time Transaction Visualizer

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Introducing the debut of Listen to Steem

What is Listen To Steem?

ListenToSteem is a real time blockchain visualizer for the Steem blockchain. The source code is adapted from the ListenToBitcoin project, and is currently showing all transfers that propagate on the Steem blockchain.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of the project is simply to provide a visualizer for users that are interested to get an idea on the amount of transaction volume that the Steem blockchain is processing. In the future, I will be adding support for visualizing posts/comments/votes/etc...

Donations are highlighted!

Want to see your transfer get highlighted with a thank you message attached? Of course you do! Go ahead and open https://listen.steemliberator.com then send a transfer to @listentosteem. You will be able to see the transaction on the website within seconds!

What should be added?

Do you have some great features or suggestions that you want to recommend? Feel free to leave comments/issues/suggestions on this post or the Github repo


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thanks for sharing

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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

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People Imagination have no limits :)

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Let us make STEEM great again! All hail to the mastermind @dantheman.

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very interesting your writing .. keep it up

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very interesting that you describe, I want to follow every post you @netuoso

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This is pretty epic! It actually sounds good!

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yeah it is....

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This is so cool. I chose the planet instrumental and run it in the background. Better than any composition. :)

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Good job friend....too good ..thanks for information

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Now THIS is epic.

The revolution never felt cooler...

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This is pretty cool @netuoso. If there isn’t a directory of cool steem tools like this, there should be.

  ·  6 days ago

Very kool idea. On the Brave mobile browser IOS I got no sound. Only thousands of floating bubbles. Will check on other mobile browsers. Dope idea though.

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This is awesome! :D

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Awesome project!

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Great keep it up

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Nice jop...
Thanks for informations