Aug 01 2017

Tradeqwik Pays 5x TQS Dividend, Supports Four Bitcoin Forks and More During Extended Maintenance Cycle

As promised late last night, Tradeqwik is down for extended maintenance. Those of us in the know refer to such downtime as Rubber Ducky landings. If you attempt to log onto Tradeqwik now you’ll understand.

Here’s what’s happening during this particular Rubber Ducky landing.

  • TQS dividends are being paid. Yes, we are late, and that tardiness was due to technical issues related to also getting ready for the Big Bitcoin Fork. We’d like to make up our tardiness by paying out a dividend on 100 percent of the trading fees instead of the usual 20 percent.

  • BTC wallets are being converted to four different potential BTC forks: Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Unlimited, and Bitcoin Classic. Deposits and withdrawals on those forks won’t be enabled for another couple days while we see how the chains work. However, any amount of Bitcoin that you held on TQ should be copied onto at least one of those chains, possibly more.

  • The VIP/VIVA trading pair is being removed from the market. Moving forward after a week long cool down period, your VIP account will be in compounding mode and once it reaches 8,760 VIP you will have the option of switching it into retirement mode where it will pay you 24 VIVA a day for as long as you leave it in that mode until it drains down to less than 24 VIP. You will be able to switch it from compounding mode to retirement mode or vice versa once a week.

  • All Treasury Rights (TR) not on the market will sink into VIP at a rate of 790 VIP per TR by the time Rubber Ducky leaves. If you are a Crownholder, then you will get reissued one new TR per whole Crown owned a day or two later.

There are undoubtedly other things going on at the technical level, but now you can see why this particular time Rubber Ducky might be hanging around a while.

In the mean time, we have some stats to share…

Trading fees collected since last TQS payout through July 30th

currency fees
GBG 0.00000000
SBD 5.61850539
GOLOS 0.00000000
ETH 0.23350142
LTC 0.35509505
XAU 0.00000000
BTC 0.27943450
MXN 63.20746000
VTR 0.19519950
DASH 0.00000000
VIP 20.55771349
USD 3.00097500
XWANG 0.00000000
bitUSD 0.00000000
vGX 0.00000000
VIVA CROWNS 0.01737578
EUR 0.00000000
GBP 0.00000000
RUB 0.00000000
UAH 0.00000000
TRAIL 0.00004550
TQS 0.63340000
DOGE 0.00000000
STEEM 22.94099969
VIVA 60.52929930

Customer funds currently under Tradeqwik management

currency sum
bitUSD 0.00000000
BTC 9.32016850
DASH 0.00000000
DOGE 0.00000000
ETH 30.36424888
EUR 0.00000000
GBG 0.00000000
GBP 0.38858246
GOLOS 233.47105959
LTC 54.13568910
MXN 5057361.35546999
RUB 0.00000000
SBD 8928.16804880
STEEM 35690.12851580
TQS 71426.64211012
TRAIL 3162.40199486
UAH 0.00000000
USD 1135.39680865
vGX 9999.75915726
VIP 3842785.37527394
VIVA 71215.69125770
VIVA CROWNS 3684.25698532
VTR 2604.52400468
XAU 568.51606634
XWANG 9796.92672742

Total number of users to date: 863

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