Oct 02 2017

Tradeqwik Makes Early Dividend Payment, Raises Funds for Mexico City Earthquake Victims

Early bird dividends

TQS holders on Tradeqwik got their weekly dividend payment a bit early this time. Below are the total amounts of trading fees collected on which dividends were paid. To figure out your portion, simply multiply the number of shares you own by 0.2, then divide by 32,500, which is the number of TQS shares held by customers.

We’re always happy to help you hone your math skills, but you can also find out your earnings by simply logging in to Tradeqwik.

currency balance
USD 361.05477450
VIVA 117.68408979
STEEM 48.97423964
MXN 7.47853515
SBD 2.86633037
VTR 1.86665500
ETH 0.68318559
TQS 0.34702513
XAU 0.30000000
BCH 0.04113051
BTC 0.04032986
LTC 0.03600829
VIVA CROWNS 0.00130400
vGX 0.00007546

Helping those in need

Tradeqwik has teamed up with VIVA Holding, NAOME, and Muncapital to raise funds in order to help the people who were affected by the recent earthquake in Mexico City. Details on where to send donations can be found here and here.

We are grateful to everyone who has donated to help those affected by the earthquake. Here is the breakdown of what we have raised so far.

currency balance
STEEM 14.00000000
ETH 2.19000970
SBD 50.50000000


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This week VIVA took its final stair step on its way up to its target $10 peg. The current VIVA peg for this week only is $9.88.

We continue to be hard at work getting the new user interface ready even while making small improvements to the old one. We hope your trading experience at Tradeqwik continues to be fabulous!

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