Jun 19 2017

This Guy Is Saving Music

2 months ago a good friend of mine sent me a “discovery” she made. The first song was AMAZING. The whole album was just… unique.

Everyone I know seems to agree that music has turned worse. Sometimes I ask myself this question: Where Have All The Rock Stars Gone?. So sick of the mainstream.


Long time without knowing that a new artist made intense, emotional and deep music. Those kind of songs that have the power to make you happy or make you cry.

I believe good music touches your soul and that’s what this guys is making with just a folk guitar and his beautiful wife on vocals. If this doesn’t make you wanna slow dance and fall in love, then there is no hope for you.

I’m talking about the Grammy Award-winning Chris Stapleton. His Album “Traveller” is also his debut as a solo artist, and it encapsulates everything that makes him one of the most powerful and unique voices in country music today.


When he’s done with saving country, rock and blues maybe he’ll save music…

Do you know about great lovely music?, please comment below.

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