Dec 12 2016

SteemNews.Online: One Agenda - The Truth Without Bias *Update and Move*

SteemNews.Online ( is Steemit’s answer to the disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and brainwashing that has become the standard of modern journalism. With the help of Steemit journalists and curators, SteemNews.Online will provide timely, informative and accurate information on current events.

As mentioned earlier this week, we’ve moved. The reasons are in the PSA from this account, posted a couple of days ago. They’re also in our most recent post, along with some other updates. Please check it out.

SteemNews.Online: One Agenda – The Truth Without Bias * Challenges and Solutions *

Thank you for reading and your encouragement in this endeavor. With your help, we look forward to making SteemNews.Online a valuable news resource.

Don’t miss the logo contest! Dates given in today’s article. Details coming next week.

Your editors,



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