Jul 30 2017

SteemGigs Rebates: Buy Any Amount Of VIP On TradeQwik Before August 1, 2017 And Get A Rebate Of 1 Steem In Your TradeQwik Account.

Why jump in on buying VIP now?

Well, August 1 is also a day to remember on TradeQwik because amidst the heat and speculation that may be ongoing with a possible bitcoin split, TradeQwik will be busy with its own development. 

Basically, there will be an upgrades on TradeQwik, that allows full implementation of VIP (VIVA Investment Pool)

Well, it is true that to fully understand TradeQwik and is assets, you will need to have read the VIVACOIN whitepaper as seen here, but for now the simplest essence for this post is to help you see, while paying you steem; why you may want to buy some VIP tokens from TradeQwik before August 1.

For now, VIP is simply enlisted on TradeQwik as an asset tradeable against VIVA but only until August 1, after which it will be removed from the market and made it into its real full purpose. Read about that here!

Basically, VIP is VIVA but currently has a price way lower than VIVA until August 1.

Looking at TradeQwik, you can currently by VIP for 0.4 VIVA. After August 1, (1 VIVA = 1 VIP)

Look at VIP like steempower and VIVA like steem. VIP is simply vested VIVA that compounds over time  VIP compounds based on Tradeqwik withdrawal fees while VIVA is liquid. Also, with the commencement of viva.cash coming out soon, VIP will also compound from fees accrued from viva.cash.

Normally, when your VIP has accumulated to up to 8760 VIP or more, you will be able to go into retirement mode (something like powering down).

 If you decide to go into retirement mode, you get paid 24 VIVA each day, till you exhausted 8760. Well, if you have accumulated way more VIP than 8760, then this 24 VIVA (retirement mode) continues daily over a longer period.

VIVA is going to a new peg from its current price of $6.06 to its new peg of $10 over the coming months. Buying VIP now is a bargain:

e.g At 0.4 VIVA for 1 VIP, you will get 10 VIP for 4 VIVA and that simply means that after August 1, you will basically be having 10 VIVA. 

You will need to do the Mathematics yourself, as that is the essence of this whole endeavor!

Simply buy some VIP before August 1 and we will give you a rebate of 1 Steem, sent to your steem wallet on TradeQwik. Simply leave a screenshot showing that you got VIP before August 1 in the comments along with your VIVA ID.

If you haven’t signed-up on TradeQwik, go sign up and participate in this Steemgigs Rebate! You can also check the list below for other ongoing rebates to participate in!

Here is a list of all ongoing rebate opportunities by @steemgigs related to TradeQwik, applicable mostly to steemians and now TradeQwik customers, who participated in them and for those who haven’t participated:



All the screenshots you will need: 

1. How to send steem to @tradeqwik? Visit this post! 

2. How To Use Steem To Purchase VIVA on www.tradeqwik.com? 


Visit @tradeqwik to know everything there is to know about TradeQwik! For information about VIVAconomy visit www.vivaco.in or read the VIVA Whitepaper to understand the vivaconomy. 

TradeQwik support is findable on discord!!!

 Join us on Steemgigs community on discord: https://discord.gg/wWrnSXK  

Everyone has something to offer!

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