Aug 01 2017

SteemGig: Is Hiring!!! Fully-Remote Experienced React And JavaScript Developers, Please See Specifications!

How much do you hear of these days? 

Well, do you need to? A solid vision do not need too much publicity. It preaches itself! 

Almost every steem app that requires private keys, virtually needs SteemConnect to attain mainstream adoption by steemians and it is not for no reason. Streemian, Chainbb etc all have steemconnect integration! 

Ofcourse, steemconnect is administered by the Busy Team and so is another veteran and renown social interface to the steem blockchain.

@ekitcho and his team have not tired out! They are tireless working behind the scenes, empowering SteemConnect, to make every developer’s steem-app-integration a breeze!

He is gradually building into a Hub for the best steem apps on the planet. is simply going to be that universal app powered by steem, upon which you can carry out every daily activity, without ever leaving the app!

This video will help you see just how broad the vision of BUSY is and why you would want to be part of history, by looking into getting hired as a developer.

video credit: youtube/thenewyorktimes

Job Specification

Basic Requirements 

In the words of the CEO of

We, at are looking for fully-remote experienced React and JavaScript developers.


1. Have a solid experience with React and Redux
2. Understand how Bitcoin and blockchains actually work (not mandatory, we can explain)
3. Be good with APIs
4. Write very clean and maintainable code in FP style (understand Airbnb styleguide)
5. Review colleagues code and be restrict about merging PRs
6. Get engaged in ideas and other products and solutions that we need, basically:

    JS / JSX
  1. Frontend Dev or preferably, fullstack.


@steemgigs has the role of helping with getting the best steemian talents and this is something we would love to accomplish. 

We already have a thriving community of more than 300 steemgiggers and the best steemian talents, with a growing Developer-Only channel filled with the best developers and a Dev-Request channel and an Idea Factory channel, all on discord, where steem dreams are cooked into fruition, thus, we implore you to join in.

This post however, is dedicated to developers! 

If you are an intermediate or veteran developer with affinity for learning, time on your hands and ofcourse expertise in relation to the specifications above kindly, join the Steemgigs Community on discord and contact @surpassinggoogle to add you to the appropriate channel, where recruiting is likely to take place. 

We have a channel designated to the Busy CEO on the discord. We also have one for only Developers, experienced & intermediate.

In general, we will like coders/developers to join, especially those who have time on hand to tend to possible requests from steemians looking to build their steem dreams. Aspiring developers with some coding knowledge can also join in!

For the most part: “Everyone has something to offer”. However, you haven’t figured this out yet, please join our Idea Factory and we will brainstorm ideas together, forever!

If you are developer and not yet on steemit, quickly sign up and leave a comment; let’s go from there!

 For questions about #steemgigs, simply join the SteemGigs community and look for @surpassinggoogle to tell him your expertise, so he can add your roles on the discord server for future #steemgig needs! 

Everyone has something to offer and moreso a steemian!

Read on Steemit!

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