SteemConnect v1 is depreciated please update your code

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SteemConnect v1 is moving

On 27 January we will move SteemConnect v1 located at to a specific subdomain, if you are using SteemConnect v1 please update your code when you can. If you are using the SDK you can do this change like this:

  baseURL: '', // Magic happen here
  app: 'your-app',
  callbackURL: ''

If you are using the CDN file located here it's already using the url by default.

SteemConnect v1 is depreciated but v2 is here

The version 1 of SteemConnect is depreciated, on 20 February we will definitely close it, we recommend you to migrate to version 2 before this date. Here is some ressources to help you migrate:

How to setup your application on SteemConnect v2

How OAuth 2 work in SteemConnect v2

Simple application demo

SteemConnect v2 JavaScript SDK

Need help?

Come on Busy Discord server and chat with us:

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