Dangers less than 8 hours of danger!

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There are many who go to sleep late in the night while going into work. He got up early and woke up early in the morning at the workplace. These sleeping routines are regularly due to them. Even then, the body seems to be all right. Think, are completely healthy! Then make the mistake. Because of the pressure of work and less sleep, inside you can be a victim of complex diseases.

Scientists are warning that those who return home with files in the magazines after office holidays and sleep less. Scientists claim that sleep less than 8 hours a day can push you towards depression and angina. Not only that, regular sleep disturbances can reduce your mental stress. This happens to many who work 9 hours a day.

Professor Meridith Cole of the University of Binghamton claims that, generally a tendency of people to worry about something. There are some negative thoughts in it. These thoughts may cause complex problems such as angina, depression, etc.

According to the research published in the Science Direct Journal, the negative thoughts of sleeping people reduce time and time as needed. For this reason, if someone falls prey to depression or angiography, then they will be able to sleep during bedtime and sleep time.
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