Sep 25 2017

New Tournament?! - GamerPool #39

Introducing @gamerpool – Brought to You by @btcvenom
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Welcome Back!

Guys! We have some exciting news! We have decided to go ahead and host out 2nd CS:GO Tournament! We are hosting it on CS:GO as that is the only game we have managed to successfully host one on.. Hopefully this brings more attention back to @gamerpool as I know we lost some when we had a break.

When will it be played?

We are planning to host the tournament on the 31st of october. Yes I know that you are all thinking that is quite some time away. The reasoning for this is so that we can promote it well and gain a decent amount of SBD to add the PRIZE POOL.

If you guys are interested in playing be sure to join our discord linked below

We Recently Launched Our New Account @gpgiveaways! Go check it out!

If you can’t already tell from the name it is our giveaway page! We decided to make a separate account for giveaways to reduce spam on Gamerpool posts and make it look cleaner.We are currently asking you guys which games you want! Go over if you haven’t already and you could possibly win a game!

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Should GamerPool Stream The Tournaments? Vote – HERE

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Join Our Discord!

Our New Logo!

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If you guys have Steam (Not Steem) feel free to join @gamerpool’s community group and have a chat with us! To join click HERE


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