Jun 19 2017

Nearest human robot


She keeps the memories in memory, speaks, controls his expressions and carries the face of the legendary Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn.
The Hanson Robotics company introduced Sophia, a project that it worked quietly about a year ago. He introduced it, but still no work was done on it, and Sophia is still shown as the most humanoid robot.

The robot, which tries to enrich the established dialogues with the information gained through the internet connection, is suggesting something a little creepy but very exciting about what technology can do.

Sophia’s memory of these memories is of course not worth the effort and memory of 60 different expressions and memories of life, but if she is and she can take decisions, it will be difficult to distinguish it from the people.

Designed similarly to the famous Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn, Sophia is one of the most important steps towards the future, according to Hanson Robotics. Of course, it will be difficult to produce advanced artificial intelligence that will soon manage such bodies. However, if we give the ability to make independent decisions before an evaluation mechanism that works like a conscience of artificial intelligence.

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