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Music is an increasingly recurrent complement in hospitals, since it helps to reduce pain and promotes the production of endorphins, to other listeners it offers concentration. 🎶

🌐 Here I leave you 5 benefits of listening to music, I hope you like it!

1 Reduces pain

Some of the benefits of listening to music are that it can reduce the chronic pain of a variety of painful diseases, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Music therapy is increasingly used in hospitals to reduce the need for medication during labor, decrease post-operative pain and supplement the use of anesthesia during surgery.


2 Reassures blood pressure


Listening to relaxing music at certain times of the morning, decreases and helps maintain blood pressure more stable.

According to research by the American Society of Hypertension, in New Orleans, listening to only 30 minutes of classical, Celtic or raga music every day can significantly reduce high blood pressure.

3 Increase your immunity

Scientists explain that music can create a positive and profound emotional experience, which leads to the secretion of immune stimulation hormones. This contributes to a reduction of the factors responsible for the disease. It even reduces stress.

4 Improve memory and the IQ

It is proven that listening to music or playing an instrument can really make you learn better. The music of Mozart and the baroque, activate the left and right brain. The simultaneous left and right brain action maximizes learning and information retention. The information being studied activates the left hemisphere,while music activates the right hemisphere of the brain. In addition, activities that attach to both sides of the brain at the same time, such as playing an instrument and singing, make the brain more capable of processing information.

5 Improves body movement and coordination

Music reduces muscle tension and body movement and improves coordination. In addition, it plays an important role in the development, maintenance and restoration of physical function in the rehabilitation of people with movement disorders.


I want to give special thanks to the steemit community for accepting me in this great family of positive, enterprising and educated people. I was never going to imagine that I would do what I like in a productive way.

Much success and abundance mates!!! 😎

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Have a nice time here, I love this platform!

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I love the therapeutic effect that music provides when exercising. It can do wonders in aiding you set your pace and establish an efficient breathing pattern.

I enjoy slower music when attempting to perform controlled methodical movements that require me to concentrate, and faster music when my routine focuses more on pace.

How do you like to correlate music to your workouts?

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niceone dude, keep moving forward

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Good Post Brouu!!

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Keep doing music!

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