Jun 19 2017



Another Government staged hoax (PsyOp) to give more powers to Theresa May to reduce free speech further, while expanding the range of individuals the State can treat as terrorists.
Their ultimate goal is complete censorship and regulation of the Internet (just as Theresa May’s electoral program had set out to do) and their real final target is the “conspiracy theorist” (as David Cameron outlined in a speech at the UN).
Obviously there’s also the Divide&Conquer always in play, that’s never stopped since centuries. Keeps the masses fighting among themselves and never turning on the Elites.

Testimony and Videos from someone who witnessed part of the event being prepared in a cul de sac nearby

Here’s what he uploaded. No smoking gun, but the behaviour of the ambulances, crew and police is suspicious to say the least:


Just as in other Terror Hoaxes the “attacker” used a vehicle with a coded 33 plate (Freemasons), and in the phone numbers 322 (skull&bones <-law of reversal).
If you think this is all coincidence then take a look at my post about the London Bridge Hoax

Now lets move on to the imagery used.
This was the most used pic by the media. Notice the All Seeing Eye symbology .

Another image widely used by the media, the Triangle junction with a Triangle sign on the floor. (the Triangle in masonic lodges represents the duality and the synthesis, crucial in exploiting the Hegelian Dialectic)


Supposedly a dozen people were ran over with several injured and killed yet next to the "witnesses" you see several people laughing.

witness 1 .
the guys next to him can't hold it even 10 seconds and bursts out laughing .
and notice the 666 handsign at 24 sec

witness 2
he says he had to keep the man down half an hour (previous witness said 5 minutes)
but most importantly check the guys at the back with big smiles and laughing ( 1:40), and the crisis team supervisor having to step in and remove them off the screen (2:10)

even the paramedics seem amused

and the "attacker" is such an islamophobe he poses with the 1 finger up exactly like muslims and islamists. comon!

these hoaxes are real comedy goold no doubt

however the last ones laughing will be the Government and the masonic Elites, unless the wider public wakes up.

Agenda Driven Hegelian Dialectic.


We can alsready see from the left-right Dialectic being played out on social media what the outcome will be.
For starters we have the usual left vs right ping pong. Tommy Robinson is a jewish mason who acts as islamophobe in chief and gives the left something to chew on.
screenshot-twitter.com-2017-06-19-19-57-25 (1).png

This commentator is actually correct. both Tommy Robinson and Choudry are infact MI6 assets (UK secret service).
And I'm sure he knows who the extremists controlling both sides are too, they're probably in some Palace having a good laugh at the British sheeple.

lets move on to Brendan Cox. The Husband of Jo Cox who "died " last year in another blatant hoax. btw her supposed attacker was a Freemason (I will make an article on this tomorrow) just like Brandan Cox.

literal "incitement to violence" is already a crime. always has been. but these pyschopaths want to use their own interpretation of what constitutes "incitement to violence". In that regard they already introduced" Hate Speech" laws which already limit significantly what can be said. Not enough for them. They won't stop till the Truth is outlawed as hateful.

UK is heading for a unprecedented tyranny. 1984 to the letter.

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