Jun 07 2017

Introducing Steemians (Edition 16) - THE Surfer Hero of Steemit is a German


Steemian of the Day (Edition 16)

Steemian of the Day No. 16 is presenting you one of the Top Users across this platform from Germany. A lady that wows the community everyday with her well thought awesome content. It took me a long time to discover she is German.

Say nice to meet you to @surfermarly

@surfermarly is a phenomena combining positivity in the perfect sense of the word by writing content that adds a lot value to the platform, helping new Steemians, creating vibes of love, understanding and motivation! Marly is from Germany but lives on the islands of paradise – the Canary Islands. Apart from being a Steemian she is also writing a book and pleases all of us with her great surfing videos! Sure you saw some of them already. As a lovely daddy girl she also grows spicy food – and i am pretty sure she does that well as anything she touches.

Give a warm applause (or simply visit her profile) to @surfermarly – one of the loveliest people I have met on this platform! Check some of her great photography below.






CALLING FOR NEWBIES – Nominate the Next Steemian of the Day

Please feel free to nominate other Steemians that match the category German, Beer, Sports and History you think need to get their own personal appreciation post. That can be anyone not limited to any Steemit reputation or other stage.

Thanks a lot for reading and following this account – there is more to come

While we are still trying to settle the account and activities we have already plans for the future – this will mean some opportunities for people to win some Steem as well as to have other Steemians curating this trail. Watch that Space. Please see below the main guidelines for posts we might support!

Rules and guidelines

Some general guidelines to follow to increase chances of receiving support and recommendations for curation by this account.

  • Original Content – We would like to see original writing and personal touches in your posts. At least write a personal summary what you think about a certain story you are posting;
  • Correct Tags – If your post is primarily about history, then please tag it accordingly by using Germany, German, Deutsch, Beer, Bier, Beers, Sports, History as on of your tags. This will help sort the posts that we curate for the category;
  • Do not forget Citations – Content that is simply copied & pasted will not be eligible for curation. If you’re using images, quotes, or copied information from other source, cite them please;
  • Formatting and Writing – As a German I can not be too picky in terms of spelling and grammar but you all know a well-written post is important for readers, proofread your content before you hit the publish button and consider using Markdown or Editor at least (know it is not easy but helps you)

These are just some tips and guidelines that should help you receiving maximum support by this curating account which is a part of @steemtrail


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